Upgrading your account

Here’s how to upgrade your free Polldaddy account:

Login to your Polldaddy account.

On your dashboard, click on the Upgrade Your Free Account button:

Upgrade Account

You’ll be taken to a pop-up window that shows the three different Polldaddy plans: Free, Pro, and Corporate. Clicking on the Sign Up button for either the Pro or Corporate takes you to the subscription payment page.

When you have the necessary details filled in, click the big blue Purchase button on the bottom of this page to finalize the new subscription.

When you return to your account page, you’ll see either Pro Account or Corporate Account (based on the upgrade you chose) on the upper right hand side of your Dashboard:

Corporate Account

Monthly accounts

We offer monthly accounts too. Just click on the monthly tab at the top of the pricing page to see our monthly pricing options.

Monthly Account

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