Updating your payment details

Your payment details can be updated by looking at the sidebar of your account page for the Update Payment Details button. Users who paid through Cleverbridge cannot use this page however, please see below for further details.


That will bring you to a page where you can update your payment details:



If you paid through Cleverbridge when you registered on Polldaddy you can’t use the page above. Those subscriptions are handled by Cleverbridge, our ecommerce partners.

If your payment details have changed since you last purchased your subscription, please use the following email address to contact Cleverbridge: cs@cleverbridge.com.

Please quote your customer reference number when your contact Cleverbridge. You’ll find your customer reference number on the initial invoice you received from Cleverbridge. You can also find the customer reference number in your billing history, which is located at the bottom of your My Account page:

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