My account page

To change aspects of your profile, your dashboard’s language, and see your billing history, visit your My Account page.

Click on the Down arrow next to your name in the top, right-hand corner of your dashboard to check out your My Account page. There, you can change your username, bio, check out your billing history, change your timezone or location, add domain mapping or even close your account. But don’t break up with us! It will make us sad:

When you click on the down arrow, here’s an example of what you’ll see.

Account Overview

See your Billing History

At the very bottom of the main column, you can check out your Billing History. Here you can download a copy of your invoice.

Billing History

Verify the number of responses you have left

At the top of the main column you can see your Account Details, which include the type of account you have, your account renewal date, the number of responses you have remaining, and which account you are connected to:

Account Info

Set timezone and language

Set your timezone and language in the Location area. Be sure to click on the blue Save Location button for your changes to take effect:


Set up domain mapping

Corporate account holders can enter a domain to take advantage of our Domain Mapping feature:

Domain Mapping

Closing your account

And last, and completely least, if you really, really, really want to break up with us, you can choose to Close your Account by clicking on the Close Account button. We’ll be sad, though:


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