Multiple user accounts

Invite a New User

There is a limit to how many users can be invited to a master account.

  • Corporate account holders may have up to ten users in their account.
  • Enterprise account holders may have up to a hundred users in their account.

To add another user to your account, log into Polldaddy and click on the Users tab on your Dashboard:


On the following page, click on the Invite a New User button:


A popup will appear. Enter the email address of the person you wish to invite to your Polldaddy account:


When you send the invite, the user will receive an email with a confirmation link.

  • If the user already has a Polldaddy account under this email address, their account will be upgraded to a Corporate account.
  • If the user does not have a Polldaddy account, the user will need to create a Polldaddy account using the same email address before they can use the confirmation link


You can choose from three roles: User, Manager and Administrator:

  • As a User, the person can only access their own content and may have restricted styles and language packs.
  • As a Manager, the person can access the content from all users in the multiple users account and may have restricted styles and language packs.
  • As an Administrator, the person can access the content and manage the restrictions for all users in the multiple users account.

As the Administrator, you can place restrictions on those with User and Manager roles. If you specify a style or language pack for polls and/or surveys, each time the user creates a poll or a survey, they will be forced to use the style and/or language pack you designate:

If you give the new user an Administrator or a Manager user role, they will be able to see the names of other users in the account on in the lower left portion of the dashboard. Administrators and Managers can click on the name of a user to view and modify the content the user created:

If your new person has a Manager or a User user role and you have restricted styles and language packs, they will not be able to pick an alternative style or language pack when they create new polls and surveys.

So if there is a restricted style, instead of the style selector, the user will see the restricted style title in place:


If there is a restricted language pack, instead of the language pack drop down menu, the user will see the restricted language pack title in place.


Managing Users

On the Users page, you can invite new users, remove users from the master account and update the account level/restrictions a user has.


You can see pending invitations along with their corresponding confirmation links at the bottom of the users page.

If you sent an invitation email and the email never arrived at the destination email address, then it is likely the email was filtered somewhere along the way.

To address this problem, go to the users page and you will see the confirmation link that has been sent to that user. If you click on this link, an email will open with the confirmation link included in the email text. You can also just copy and paste the confirmation link for this user and send it directly to the user.

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