Discount for non-profit and educational institutions

We’re pleased to offer a 10% discount on annual and monthly subscriptions for non-profit and educational organizations. We grant discounts by request only and the discount is applied to all subscription payments.

We offer discounts to non-profit corporations, trusts, and foundations that can show qualification for all three of the following:

  • are organized exclusively for charitable purposes,
  • receive substantial support directly from the general public or private individuals, and
  • are exempt from taxation under IRC Section 501(c)(3) or international equivalent.

The discount will be also be offered to educational institutions that can show evidence the subscription is for educational purposes.

Please sign up for a free account, then email us your request, referencing your account’s email address and any appropriate documentation.

We will then flag your account as a NPO account. When you upgrade you will automatically receive the discounted rate.

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