Conditional question branching/question forking

With conditional branching you can set a path through your survey based on how a participant answers a given question. For example, you may want to skip a page of questions that are not relevant, or jump directly to a question that is relevant, based on their response.

To set up branching for your survey, hover over the title of your survey in your dashboard and click on Design Survey:


Then, on the survey editing screen, click on Branching:

Branching survey questions

There are a couple of things to note about branching:

  • You must have at least two pages in your survey for branching to work.
  • You cannot add branching to the last page of your survey.
  • A question can have multiple rules, which will be performed in order.
  • You should only use this feature when you are satisfied with the survey questions you have created. If you choose to add questions at a later date, you will have to edit your branching rules.

Adding rules

Click on New Rule to set up branching for a given question:

New Rule

Next, select the logic on which to branch your question. In this example, if our participant selects 11-15 years on our question, we’re going to jump to page two:

If the new rule is set up as you wish, click on Done:

Editing / Deleting rules

To delete a rule click on the Delete button from the list of rules that appears. To modify a rule, you can click the Edit button.

Delete Rule

Rule settings

When editing a rule you will be shown a series of conditions and actions:

Multiple choice questions have additional conditions:

A rule consists of a condition (the thing you are testing), followed by an action (what happens if the condition is met).

The available conditions are:

  • Answers this question – triggered on any response
  • Does not answer this question – triggered when no response is given
  • Chooses (multiple-choice only) – triggered when a specific choice is given
  • Does not choose (multiple-choice only) – triggered when a specific choice is not chosen

The available actions are:

  • Jump to page – jump directly to the chosen page
  • Skip page – skips the chosen page further on in the survey (i.e. if you are on page 2 and a rule has “skip page 5” then pages 3 and 4 will be displayed, page 5 skipped, and then page 6 displayed)
  • Force survey finish – causes the survey to immediately finish
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