Blogger ratings gadget

We have created a gadget to allow you to embed a single rating across your Blogger blog. The advantage of using the gadget rather than inserting the Polldaddy embed code into a simple text widget is that you can use the one rating across the entire blog. This makes it easier to determine which posts are getting rated.

Follow the steps below to install the gadget on your Blogger blog:

    • Log into your Blogger blog dashboard.
    • Click on the Layout option:

    • Select an area where you want the rating to render and click the Add a Gadget link:
    • Select Add your own option in gadget editor popup:

    • Enter the rating id, the height of the rating container, and select where you want the ratings to be positioned in this gadget container, then click Save.

    • Now click Save arrangement on the Layout page and go view your blog:

Now you should have ratings rendering in the location you choose in the layout page.

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