Adding HTML to poll questions and answer options

Polls accept some HTML tags in the poll question and answer text fields. This means you can format the text directly, add an image, and/or add a link to the text fields.

The following HTML tags are permitted:

Tag Attribute(s) Use
a href, title, target link
abbr title format text
acronym title format text
b format text
blockquote cite format text
cite format text
em format text
i format text
img alt, align, border, class, height, hspace, longdesc, vspace, src, width add an image
q cite format text
strike format text
strong format text

Formatting text in bold

To format some text directly in poll text, like to add some bold text, just place b tags around the text like so…

Results in…

Add a link

To add a link into the poll text, use an a tag like so…

Results in…

Add an image

To add an image to the poll text, use an img tag like so…

Results in…

Empty tags

On the list of polls, results, comments, and the reports pages, all html tags are removed, but the text in between the tags will remain. In the case where there is no text, like in the img tag above, the following text will appear on these pages.

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