How do I create a nero rating?

Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to create a Nero rating using Polldaddy:

To get started, log in to your Polldaddy dashboard. Click on the big blue Create a new… dropdown and select Rating:

Give your widget a name:

In the Rating Type box, select the Nero Rating radio button:

In the Edit Styles box, select your Rating Size. We chose Large, so it will be really easy to see on our page:

Try selecting the other sizes available. You’ll see your widget changes in the Preview Rating Widget box:

Customize rating fonts and default text

Under Edit Styles, you can set your text in bold or italic, change the size of your text, choose a typeface, select a color, set the line height (the space between the text and the stars), align the text left, right, or center, relative to the stars, and choose whether you want the text to appear on top, to the right, or beneath the rating.

You can customize all the default phrases associated with the rating. Additionally, you can change the text to a different language, by entering the phrases in the language of your choice:

Click on the blue Save Rating Widget button to save your rating widget. Clicking on this button brings up a pop-up from which you can copy code that you can paste into your website:

Placing a widget on your website

Now, all you need to do is embed your nifty widget. There’s an option to copy and paste JavaScript if that suits your fancy, or you can copy the handy shortcode as shown in the example below, and paste into your WordPress site post. Note that if you have a site, you’ll need to download and install the Polldaddy plugin, first.



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